Wine Club

  • unique selection of wine delivered to your door
  • personally selected to match your tastes
  • starts from just £85 a month
  • constantly updates and refines your preferences

Wine Club

Stuck for time?
Tired of the same old dry  whites?
Bored with the same old fruity reds?
Fancy  something  different?
Join our wine club!

Our monthly wine club is designed to take the hard work out of choosing your own wine. Its aim is to offer our members convenience as we hand pick the wines on your behalf. We will pick different grapes, countries and styles from around the world, and we will stick to your budget. All you have to do is drink it. Couldn’t be easier.

How It Works

We offer three different case prices.
GOLD CASE @ £120

Each case contains 12 wines. There are two bottles of each wine in each case, therefore you get six different wines. Three will be reds and three will be whites.
That is the basic format. If however you want a case every two months, just say so. If you want whites only, just say so. If you don’t like Merlots or anything from Spain, just say so. Or if you’d rather pay £90 or £120, just say so.
Our other aim is to make sure you never get the same wine twice, but if you really really like something we send you and you want it every month, just let us know.

Remember,  we don’t stock anything we don’t like ourselves, and we’ve tried ALL of our stock, so you’re guaranteed great value at whatever price you want to pay.

We will deliver your case at no further charge*, or you can pick it up yourself at your convenience.

*Deliveries other than to England, Wales, and Southern Scotland will incur an additional charge. See Terms & Conditions for Courier Prices

Gold membership
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Silver membership
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Bronze membership
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