You will find our Shop at 3A Elmfield Road, Gosforth, Newcastle NE3 4AY



TUESDAY.....12pm to 6pm

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Our telephone number is 0191 213 1818

You're probably wondering why we would open such a company in this cut throat world of supermarket discounted brands. The answer lies in the fact that we are passionate about our product, we know about it, we know what it tastes like, we've probably been to the vineyard and played poker with the winemaker, and we want to share that experience and knowledge with our customers.

We want our customers to feel comfortable and relaxed. If you want us to talk about our wines, we will; or if you just want to be left alone to browse, be our guest and take your time.  We see our job as a duty to share our experiences and tastes, to put our customers at ease and maybe introduce them to different things. As we get to know our customers, we will remember what they normally like. This is what we believe is good old fashioned personal service and we want to put it back into the 21st century. We hope that all of this will make our customers feel special, because to us, they are.

You won't find any mass produced wine at Carruthers & Kent. The wines come from established producers or from small boutique wineries so the price you see will reflect the true value of the wine. Each and every product in our range has been selected and tasted by us so you can be assured that they will all taste damn good and hopefully there will be something for everybody.  In addition to an exciting range of wines, champagnes, ports and sherries, we stock some very lovely regional ales from our county as well as some as far afield as Yorkshire or even Scotland. Heavens !!  And then there are our malts and spirits; not many, but each have a little bit of exclusivity, are a little bit different, but are still affordable and very tasty.

In addition we hold regular tasting nights in our Tasting Rooms upstairs from the Shop. Our rooms are available for specialised and private tastings, wine and food tastings and we regularly host a variety of top winemakers to talk about their Wines. We also host book, gastronomy and other club nights...see our events page for regular updates.

And then there is the Deli. It is only  a small one but it is perfectly formed with a delicious range of handpicked cheeses, meats, olives, oils and daily breads, all locally sourced, with additional assorted condiments and pickles, and all designed to go with some of our wines one way or another. Just enough to get your mouth watering and to keep your larder interesting.


The Enoteca

'Enoteca' - Italian from the Greek word meaning Wine Repository. Often used in Italy to describe a small, independent shop that allows customers to taste wines at a resonable fee. The idea of these 'wine libraries' is that you get to taste unusual wines. Most enotecas sell small plates of food to match the wines. One establisment is the Pitti Gola in Florence, and it was here that inspired Claire and Mo to create Carruthers & Kent.

How it works... Take a seat and peruse our wine list and menu. Choose from:

 - A 175ml glass of wine from our fabulous monthly selection

 - A flight of 3x 50ml wines from our monthly selection (currently unavailable)

 - Any bottle of wine from the shelf for only £7 extra (£9 extra for Champagne)

 - A bite to eat from our list of tapitas and sharing boards.


Above all, we look forward to seeing you all in our shop and to put all these words into practise.



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A complex, juicy and spicy Valpolicella.

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